Registration Process

  • Step
    Definition of the Activity and License Type
    Choosing the most suitable activities according to the business requirements and defining the license type and need for local sponsor/local service agent.
  • Step
    Documents` Preparation
    Obtaining all necessary documents (application form, shareholders` details, business plan, etc.), drafting Memorandum of Association and Power of Attorney, obtaining documents` attestations (if needed).
  • Step
    Trade Name and Initial Approval
    Reservation of the trade name and submission of the documents for the initial approval.
  • Step
    External and Final Approval
    External approval may be required for certain activities. Upon receipt of the external approval, the registration process can continue for the final payment and receiving the final approval from the authorities.
  • Step
    Issuance of the License
    Once all the payments and approvals are obtained, the license will be issued for one year. Every mainland license is subject to annual renewal.
  • Step
    MOL card, Establishment card, and Visas
    After final issuance of the license, MOL and Establishment cards can be processed. Once those are received, residence visas processing can commence.
Register Your Company