Due Diligence Services

Frontera International is equipped to provide its clients with commercial due diligence services. These services consist in the verification, on a case-by-case basis, of the existence and credibility of our clients` potential commercial or business partners in the UAE. Our team will be able to confirm the authenticity of licenses, contracts, and in certain cases, bank related documents and physical offices` addresses.

Our intention is that our clients benefit from a higher level of security when doing business in the UAE, such as joint ventures, collaborations, distribution agreements, appointment of agents, or investment projects.

The scope of work of a due diligence may vary, but in principle it may include:

  • Review of documents, corporate information and communications between the concerned parties.
  • Verification of companies` profiles and corporate documents, including valid trade license.
  • Direct contact with owners or representatives of companies, in some cases by meeting them directly in their respective offices.
  • Obtaining report with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.
  • Overview of potential business liabilities.
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